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Kristin Sparks

Author, Speaker, and Philosopher

Founder of 

Kristin Sparks – Transformational Coaching

WRAR, Inc – Women Real and Raw Podcast

Executive Director of The Sister Wyrd Foundation

“I can do LIFE in LOVE and JOY, no matter what is happening around me.” 

– Kristin Sparks

I started on my path many years ago then lost my way until June of 2013, when I had a BOOM moment.  The Universe literally brought me to my knees, altering everything, and put me on the path of my Destiny and my Purpose.  My journey took some time, my body, my mind, and my soul needed healing before I found my own inner strength again, and heard what the Universe wanted for and from me.

Through strength, endurance, and courage, I have learned to ‘dance with the wind again’ both physically and spiritually.

Then COVID-19 hit, and I was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer – while aggressive and deadly, it was curable. Through my treatment, I met Death face to face; I left him wanting, and it forever changed me; Life is for Living, on my terms and in my way. I suddenly understood on a cellular level the #1 Jack Canfield Success Principal “Take 100% Responsibility for your own life.”

Today, the world is in constant flux, but instead of adding to the strife and turmoil, it is imperative that I spread only JOY and LOVE. I must be a catalyst for UNDERSTANDING and GRATITUDE and DIVERSIFICATION. Today I stand as a change agent for Peace and Prosperity for all. Today I stand in trust of the Divine Universe Source and the Infinite Wisdom of Possibilities.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” 

– C.S. Lewis