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About Kristin Sparks

I am a Mentor.
I am an Intuitive Guide.
I am a certified “Infinite Possibilities” Trainer.
I am a Sister Warrior.  I am a Light Worker. 
I am a 
I am a mother, a daughter, and a wife. 
I am living the life I DESIRE and I am here to show you how to Live your DESIRE.

Hot messes are my thing.

– Kristin Sparks

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Transformational Workshops

Dragonfly Sisterhood Workshop | Kristin Sparks

Dragonfly Sisterhood Workshop

When we dive deeper into who we are and what we want from this life, we learn to embrace change.  This workshop is an intensive look at the art of being a goddess, learning to share and uplift ourselves and our sisters, and loving our growth.

Come dance of the wind of life with me.  Only 10 seats available, Preregister before they are all gone.  Details and dates to follow.

Dragonfly Sisterhood Workshop | Kristin Sparks

Wolf Sisterhood Workshop

Celebrate the Inner Warrior.
Let me show you how to contact and partner with your inner totem unleashing the spirit in you.
We will work together over 6 weeks meeting and partnering with our inner warrior and spirit totem.

Only 10 seats available.
Pre-register soon so you don’t miss out.  Details and dates coming soon.

Dragonfly Sisterhood Workshop | Kristin Sparks

Dolphin Sisterhood Workshop

Living in pain or with health issues is spiritually devastating and debilitating. Pain, health issues, just need to connect again, come join us for a journey in rebirth and belief in Magic and Miracles.  I will take you on a journey of discovering the power of healing thru mediation and the power of the Dolphin Spirit. 

Only 10 spaces available, preregister soon.  Dates and Details coming soon. 

Infinite Possibilities Logo | Kristin Sparks

The Art of Living Your Dreams:
A Three-Part Experience

How do you create the life you desire?

Life is magical, and you are in it at exactly the right moment in time and space.

How do I know?  I live my absolute desires everyday, facing adversity as a new challenge, always moving forward in love.

Come join me for an adventurous in-depth intensive journey into the New York Times bestselling book, Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley.  

I have the key to living your dreams – let me share it with you.  

Only 6 seats available at a session, so grab yours before its to late. 

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